Our new dental practice has opened its gates in late 2015 in the heart of Budapest, at Batthyány square. Our aim was to create a calm and friendly, yet elegant environment all over the place, in order to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible.

We provide high quality care with the help of state-of-the-art equipments and technologies, like UHD panoramic X-ray, dental chair equipped with wall mounted digital X-ray or computer-aided dental implant planning.

Thanks to the favourable location, you can easily get to our clinic by public transport, car or even by bicycle.


Learn more about our treatments. Should you have any questions, please contact us on phone, e-mail or in person.
You can find our prices here. For a personalized calculation please contact us

Treatment Price
Consultation gratis
Digital X-ray 25 EUR
CT scan (Cone Beam) 120 EUR
Oral Surery/ Implantology
Alpha Bio Implant (lifetime guarantee - only on the product) 600 EUR
Nobel Biocare Implant (10 year guarantee - only on the product) 1000 EUR
Straumann Implant (10 year guarantee - only on the product) 1000 EUR
Sinus Lift 800 EUR
Artificial Bone Replacement (maximum cost/quadrant) 800 EUR
Extraction 50 EUR
Extraction (surgical) 150 EUR
Apicectomy 150 EUR
Periodontal Surgery
Closed Curettage Periodontal Surgery - by dentist/dental hygienist (per hour) 180 EUR
Open Curettage Periodontal Surgery/Quad 375 EUR
Open Curettage Periodontal Surgery/Tooth 70 EUR
Conservative Dentistry
Composite Filling 90 EUR
Root Canal Treatment/Canal 140 EUR
e.max Ceramic Inlay/Onlay 350 EUR
Composite Inlay/Onlay (Gradia) 220 EUR
Restorative Dentistry
Porcelain Crown Fused To Metal (5 year guarantee) 220 EUR
Porcelain Crown Fused To Metal On Implant (5 year guarantee) 250 EUR
Zirconium Full Porcelain Crown (5 year guarantee) 400 EUR
e.max Porcelain Veneer 500 EUR
e.max Full Porcelain Crown 400 EUR
Plastic Crown/Acrylic Crown 70 EUR
Glass Fiber Post/Core 100 EUR
Denture Upper or Lower (complete with teeth) (1 year guarantee) 450 EUR
Long Term Temporary Partial Denture 280 EUR



We are sure that you will be pleased with our services, therefore we guarantee for the quality of our treatments. Please read the information below, or ask for further details at the reception, on the phone or via e-mail.

We provide a guarantee on the treatments carried out by our clinic under following circumstances:


Treatment Guarantee
Fillings 1 year
Inlays/onlays, crown 3 years
Removable partial or full dentures, tooth jewelry 1 year
Implant 5 years
Implant – material only: 10 years


The guarantee will be invalidated in following cases:


Our dental clinic is not liable for any unforeseen root canal treatments. Occasionally teeth may suffer trauma during the preparation of crowns or bridgeworks, which may lead to necessary root canal treatment.



Your treatment is always performed by experienced professionals.

Dr. Dávid Vámos


I studied dentistry at the Semmelweis University, and graduated summa cum laude in 2009. I began my specialist studies at the Department of Oro-Maxillofacial Surgery and Stomatology, and qualified as dentoalveolar surgeon in 2012. I had the chance to work as guest doctor at the oral surgery departments of the universities of Freiburg and Trieste. I hold English, Dutch and Irish operating licences, and visit these countries once or twice a month to carry out oral surgeries. I speak English and German.

In the past I used to work at several dentists, before I decided to start my own clinic in 2013. I frequently attend professional courses in Hungary and abroad in order to be able to treat my patients with the latest methods and techniques.

Expertise: oral surgery, implants, bone reconstruction, general dentistry.


Dr. Krisztina Vámos-Kósa

Dentist, conservative dentistry and prosthetic dentistry

I graduated cum laude from the Faculty of Dentistry at the Budapest Semmelweis University in 2013, and same year I joined the specialist training of restorative and prosthetic dentistry as junior doctor. I was born in a dentist family, therefore I realized at an early age that this was to become my profession as well. In the past years I used to work at the family clinic, where my father taught me the ins and outs of dentistry. I gained not only lots of experience, but also learnt the importance of communication. It is important to me to make sure that my patients leave the clinic with a smile on their faces, and enter the next treatment without fear and in good mood.

I put a great emphasis on prevention, to teach my patients the right oral care, how they can keep their beautiful smile for a long time. I believe that each patient is different, requiring fully personalized care, because not only the condition of the teeth, but many further factors may influence the right choice of treatment. I’m very intrested in the field of cosmetic dentistry, allowing me to be not only a dentist, but also an artist. We can find the right solution for the most complex cases in cooperation with the oral surgeon Dr. Dávid Vámos. I hope we meet soon!

Expertise: restorative dentistry, prosthetic dentistry


Kinga Lukács




Find below the address, phone number and e-mail address of our clinic. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be up-to-date about are latest news. To make an appointment, please call us or write an e-mail.


H-1027 Budapest, 62-64 Fő Street, 2nd floor, doorbell: 3.
You can easily get to our clinic by car, motorcycle, bicycle or public transport. (Subway M2, suburban railway H5, busses 11, 39, 109 and 111; trams 19 and 41).

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